Dog FAQs & Advice

Dogs are one of our most popular domestic pet.

Most people acquire a dog out of choice, so if you make this decision you should think carefully before going ahead.


A dog needs lots of love and care, including regular worming, vaccinations and dental care; you will also need to keep an eye out for ticks, fleas and ear mites. If your new puppy or dog hasn’t been neutered you will also need to make arrangements for your pet to be neutered with your vet.


In the unlikely event that your dog goes missing it is going to be very difficult for anyone to know who it belongs to, unless your dog carries some form of permanent identification. It is wise to get your dog microchipped, this will avoid heartache in the long run, should your dog go missing or is stolen.


Dogs love human company and, unlike cats, love constant human contact. Don’t forget that dogs need somewhere warm to sleep, a constant supply of water, feeding daily, toys to play with and regular exercise. It can cost up to £80 a month to care for a dog, including food, veterinary care and pet insurance; there will be other costs, including buying toys and kennel charges when you go on holiday.


Dogs can live up to 10 years old and longer, over this time your dog will expect lots of care, companionship, time for play and grooming. Being able to provide all of this will ensure you and your dog make the most of your time together.


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